This was a demo for The Ohio State University's Industrial Design Juniors. The project brief was to expand Keen Footwear's offering by investigating Keen's strengths and market opportunities. My task was originally to perform a sketch and rendering demonstration, but it quickly expanded as I wanted to do my homework on Keen prior to putting pencil to paper. Presentation materials and renderings completed in 2 days.

Completed With: The Ohio State University
Role: Conceptualization, Presentation, Instruction


The project consists of two areas where Keen currently provides footwear: "trailhead" and "waterfront" (to use Keen's language). A natural extension of "trailhead" is a hiking bag, and I used this opportunity to keep close to Keen's existing aesthetic. Taking cues from Keen's hiking footwear, I pulled in elements from the laces, color palettes, and sole details.


An extension of Keen's "waterfront" footwear could be laser sailing shoes. I departed from Keen's aesthetic to be appropriate for this target market.